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  • The ratio of the number of people aged over 80 to the number of people aged over 65 according to official statistics, per administrative entity (region, province, district and municipality) for Flanders

  • The dataset shows in the form of polygons the sand and gravel extraction sites in the Belgian marine areas as defined by the successive marine spatial plans. A 2014 version illustrates the 2014-2020 plan while the 2020 version illustrates the 2020-2026 plan.

  • Share of the cadastral surface area that is not artificially developed in the cadastral and not unknown surface area to the administrative entity (region, province, district and municipality) for Wallonia

  • The files contain the population characteristics (total, gender and/or age groups) by statistical sector in Belgium on January 1st, according to the Belgian definition of the population. The Belgian definition does not take into account the 12-months criterion and excludes asylum seekers. More information at https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cache/metadata/en/demo_pop_esms.htm#unit_measure1589188532500.

  • Owner occupants corresponds to the dataset relating to persons domiciled in a property over which they, or a member of their family, exercise a right in rem such as recorded by the FPS Finance for registration purposes. This dataset is composed of seven classes. The first class mentions, at national level, for each age-gender combination, by type of right in rem, the number of natural persons having such a right on their home. The lack of right in rem corresponds here to a fictitious right in rem in order to identify individuals who do not have rights on their home. The second class includes this information at the level of the three regions. The following classes do the same at the level of provinces, districts, municipalities, land register divisions and statistical sectors. The dataset can be freely downloaded as a zipped CSV.

  • The entities included in dataset represent the Belgian waterway transport network in the sense of the Inspire European directive. The dataset comprises several classes and is in accordance with the INSPIRE specifications. The class represents, in a linear manner, all of the waterway links between each pair of dots for the network considered. In addition to this is one class without geometry. The RestrictionForWaterCehicles class specifies for each segment the maximum tonnage of the building using the segment.

  • Points Of Interest - patrimonial elements contains point elements relating to the patrimony, namely (water and wind)mill, (historic, commemoration, fortified) building, historic mound, ice house, castle, kiosk, shoring, non-religious monument, monumental stairs in Belgium.

  • Points Of Interest - Cult elements contains point elements relating to the cult, namely churchs (anglican, catholic, orthodox, protestant), mosques, synanogues, buddhist temples, chapels, abbeys, priories and other religious buildings or small monuments in Belgium.

  • Points Of Interest - Natural elements contains point elements relating to nature, namely remarkable trees and underground cavities in Belgium.

  • This dataset describes in general terms the data generated on-board the RV Belgica A962 by the different autonomous sensors, the so-called 'en-route' data. It comprises data related to the sea water and atmospheric conditions over the lifespan of the former research vessel. All data can be found on the official website along with detailed technical specifications.