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  • The contour lines contain all lines which connect points which are situated on the same altitude, in a model which is used to represent the relief on a large scale.

  • The bounding box of the aerial photographs in the flooded areas around the Meuse, the Vesdre and the Demer. On the occasion of the floods which hit Belgium, aerial photographs have been made in the flooded areas around the Meuse from Eisden to Luik, the Vesdre and the Demer. access to the bounding box of these aerial photographs is free. Due to the high resolution, the aerial photographs may contain or give access to private data. This is why they are not accessible for the general public. The aerial photographs are available, only for public institutions, in the download portal. Access code required, available through

  • MapIndex is a regular grid of rectangular (first level) or square (second level) cells coded with alphanumeric characters. It has been defined for the Belgian territory and allows geolacating several events. The present version is a beta version which is submitted to the emergency services. It will evolve to a standard cartographic grid.