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    The Cadastral Parcels dataset corresponds to the dataset of Belgian plan cadastral parcels at the legal situation defined on 1 January of the reference year, complying with INSPIRE specifications. It is “the assembly on a map of all the cadastral plan parcels of the Belgian territory”. A plan cadastral parcel, such as defined in Article 2 of the Royal Decree of July 30 2018, is a part of Belgian territory, geographically delimited and identified by the General Administration of Patrimonial Documentation on the land register plan, which corresponds to the ground surface area of one or more patrimonial cadastral parcel(s) (real estate property as mentioned in Article 472 of the 1992 Income Tax Code in respect of which the cadastral income is fixed). Each polygon of the single class corresponds to a plan cadastral parcel. The dataset can be downloaded via the ad hoc WFS or en full download.